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Welcome to My Annual Stroke Review self-assessment website. This resource has been created by NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde as part of a National Advisory Committee on Stroke (NACS) funded project for NHS Scotland.

This website uses weblinks and pdf documents. You can download the Adobe pdf reader

This project aims to:

  • improve the information readily available to help your self-management of life after a stroke
  • improve the communication process between you and your GP/practice nurse and any other health professionals, that you might meet when raising any issues to do with your stroke or other functional disability.

The timing for your self-assessment stroke review is ideally around 6 months post discharge from hospital and at least once annually thereafter. This is in keeping with current practice - that all GP practices undertake a regular review of their stroke patients using the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) review process.

The resource development has been guided by national stroke guidelines and evidence from clinical practice. It will navigate the user through appropriate trigger questions in mobility, balance, pain, activities of daily living, communication & swallowing, continence and health related behaviors, and provides a store of local Scottish based service contact information. There is also the ability to record answers and download them as an Adobe Pdf(TM) document for your own records. You can take a copy to your GP for their medical records.

The web pages also provide numerous links to either resource material for information or guidance on using the pages, or as a provision of information for the user / person being assessed. There are also links providing self-help material e.g. relaxation MP3 files or advice on Restless Leg Syndrome. Carers information is on the additional resources page within the website. There is a health professionals version of this website to support them in your annual review process.

This web-based resource is hosted by SHOW (Scotlands Health on the Web™). It will be evaluated, and we would appreciate your support by filling out the evaluation questionnaire at the end of the resource section and submitting it using the submission button. This way we can improve this resource and put in as many of your suggestions as possible.

The Evidence Brief

pdf document Evidence Brief for Functional Assessment Review in Stroke


pdf document Acknowledgements


pdf document Flowchart of actions to complete your review

Data Protection

The data that you enter can be downloaded as an Adobe pdf document, via e-mail. You will be asked for a case reference ID on the registration page prior to you completing your stroke review. This should be a non-identifiable ID. This will allow you to identify your record on return. For example, we suggest you could use the last four digits of your CHI number (10 digit number) This would work similar to credit card details on receipts that display the last 4 digits only and allow card identification but not full number for account i-d. It is important that whatever record reference you enter does not allow you to be identified.

After the review process, the review document can then be “saved-as™” to include other ID / date in the file name before inclusion in an electronic record home saving or for printout. This way your information is secure by being non-identifiable information on transmission. (Please save to a secure site in line with Caldicott recommendations if it is being used as part of an electronic patient record.)

We do not store any personally identifiable information on this web site, with the sole exception of the (optional) email address that can be entered on the first screen in recording a review. By entering your email address, you give permission for us to store it for the use of this system. The address you give may be used to analyse use of the site, or may be used to contact you, but only in connection with the site. We will not pass on this information to any third party without your express written permission.

Information stored is held in a secure, access controlled environment.

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